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Mosquito Joe OF SOUTHERN INDIANA Reviews

1217 Reviews


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Carleen Hoover
Nov 20, 2021

We had so many mosquitoes around our property it was crazy. I had gotten bit 40 times in ONE day.After the first service they were GONE. I was so relieved - only seen one mosquito since when they used to be in swarms.We had one more treatment before fall. Hopefully they done show up in the spring but it has 100% been worth it for the treatment in the summer/fall.Cannot recommend enough if you have a problem with mosquitos. Also it didn’t hurt the bees around or birds. The bees stayed and the butterflies did too!

Rebecca Stewart
Oct 23, 2021

Great service!

Strandz Salon
Oct 04, 2021

Bonnie Trueblood
Oct 04, 2021

Mo problems with Mosquitoes since getting these guys in

Martin French
Oct 01, 2021

J Cooper
Sep 28, 2021

Great company and great service! Without them we would not be able to enjoy our back yard!

Nick Doub
Sep 13, 2021

Leah Phillips-Black
Sep 13, 2021

Ticks. The spray was very effective in getting rid of the ticks in the yard. It also got rid of the mosquitos at the same time.

Summer Kimmel
Sep 04, 2021

David Vaughn
Aug 24, 2021